CapsNetwork special session on CVCS 2022

During the Colour and Visual Computing Symposium hosted in Gjøvik, Norway in September 2022, CapsNetwork orgaised a special session on Medical imaging. For this session, several CapsNetwork members presented their papers.

Session on Medical Imaging

Session Chair: Kiran Raja, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Keynote by Robert Jenssen “Visual Intelligence for medical image analysis”

A New Matrix Decomposition Framework for Specular Reflection Removal from Endoscopic Images
Jithin Joseph (NITC – National Institute of Technology Calicut), Sudhish George (NITC), Kiran Raja (NTNU).

3D Reconstruction of the Human Colon from Capsule Endoscope Video
Pål Anders Floor (NTNU), Ivar Farup (NTNU), Marius Pedersen (NTNU)

3D Reconstruction of GI Regions from Single Images
Bilal Ahmad (NTNU), Pål Anders Floor (NTNU), Ivar Farup (NTNU), Milan Kresović (NTNU)

Predictions of the reflectance factor of translucent layered dental resin composites using two-flux models: assessing the importance of the interface reflectance parameter
Vincent Duveiller (LHR – Laboratoire Hubert Curien), Emmanuel Kim (Institut d’Optique Graduate School), Marie Locquet (Institut d’Optique Graduate School), Arthur Gautheron (CREATIS), Raphaël Clerc (LHR), Jean-Pierre Salomon (Institut de Science des Matériaux de Mulhouse), Mathieu Hébert (LHR)

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